Change Demands Action

Through key programs designed to support America’s overlooked and underserved communities, Freddie Mac is bringing much-needed relief to areas that need it most.

Woman and man putting together the pieces of a home

Manufactured Housing

More affordable homes

Developing the right solutions begins with rethinking how we finance homes.

With more than 22 million families living in factory-built residences, our support of manufactured housing helps us meet the need for safe and affordable shelter. We are not only empowering resident-owned communities, but also offering conventional loan financing for factory-built homes, which makes housing for families on a smaller income more attainable.

Home in rural area with a tractor and trees

Rural Housing

Help where it’s needed

Over two thirds of all counties in the U.S. are considered rural. Creating more opportunities in these markets allows us to make home a reality for more low- to moderate-income families.

By introducing flexible solutions like the 3% down Home Possible® mortgage, Freddie Mac is greatly reducing barriers to homeownership for many hopeful buyers in underserved communities. For renters seeking an affordable place to live, initiatives including the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit are putting more low-income families into units that they can afford.

Home resting on a pedestal

Housing Preservation

Keeping it together

Year over year, renters are spending a greater portion of their income on shelter. In 1960, 12% of renters spent ½ of their income on rent—today that number has ballooned up to 27%.

That’s why Freddie Mac is incentivizing developers to preserve modest homes and rental units. Through tax-exempt financing, we are working to ensure that affordable rental units remain affordable. Similarly, our shared equity programs are structured to keep purchase prices low as a house is passed from one homebuyer to the next.